FILE API Documentation

This interface is used to download the files from the ZorgMail Address Book API.


The value in bold must be replaced.

Right click on csv, json or xls link to copy the entire download location.

* Important note: The xls download is for human inspection only. Do not integrate xls downloads in applications or scripts. The xls downloads can change without notice. Backwards compatibility is NOT guaranteed for xls downloads.


HTTP Basic authentication is required, use your application or personal credentials.


Descriptions Documentation Download
A13 EDI pdf csv / json
A13 EDI_Huisartsen pdf csv / json
A13 EDI_Apotheken pdf csv / json
A13 EDI_Mondzorg pdf csv / json / xls *
A13 EDI_Poliklinieken pdf csv / json
A13 EDI (update) pdf csv / json / xls *
A14 EDI (delete) pdf csv / json
A15 SE pdf csv / json
A15 SE voor EZDA pdf csv / json
A15 SE voor Gemeenten pdf csv / json